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LuSH currently use disposable tags . These are, nowadays, usually picked up at race registration on race day together with the runner’s Bib No.
Tags will either be stuck onto the back of Bib Nos or else runners will make a loop with them thru their running shoe laces. These latter strips of polycarbonate have a Velcro pad at their ends to aid fixing. They are usually held with their Bib No in envelopes for ease of distribution at race registration. RDs may distribute our instructions for correct loop fixing. To stick or tie a loop ? For road racing we recommend the loops, but where loops may get tangled in undergrowth – in trail races for example – then disposable tags stuck to Bib Nos is best. To reduce costs, where shoe loops are used we ask RDs to retreive them after the race so they may be used again.
We also supply chip tags so use in cycle events and positioning of the tags is provided here .
It is our intention to also provide RDs with an alternative chip tag method called HuTags. These are specialist passive devices attached to neoprene that the runner wraps around their ankles. You will have seen these used in water sports such as triathlons or even cyclo cross events. These are not disposable and will require volunteers from the RDs organisation to retrieve them just after the finish. These are not cheap and LuSH have yet to purchase a set, but will be available at some time in the future.
Gun-chip or chip-chip timed ? This is the RDs decision. Both types of race will wear chip tags and runners will be timed as they cross the finish line : “chip-chip” simply means that runners will be timed as they cross the start time as well, so their eventual race chip time will be the exact time they took to race the distance. So, for the runners starting at the front, they will have chip times very similar to their gun times and for those runners taking 20 seconds, say, to cross the start line, this will be reflected in their chip time being 20 seconds faster than their gun time. If the course of the race is not one for gaining personal bests then one could suggest the race is timed as gun-chip. But if the race is a fast course or there are many runners in the race then chip-chip will give runners a more respectable race time. For races run under the UK racing bodies, gun times are used for race awards and chip times for the runner’s personal bests. LuSH uses state of the art matting especially appropriate for use at the start when providing chip timed races. An array of RFID antennae or the matting can be used for the finish line. Well proven, state of the art and forever evolving software from Agee Race Timing (ART) processes the RFID equipment to generate real time race results. Chip-chip races incur an additional cost to provide the timing at the start.
Results may not be only applicable to individuals : team scoring can also be accommodated.
It is the RDs decision whether to have online registration, to permit postal entries or race day entries. It is the responsibility of the RD to provide LuSH with pre-race entries. For a popular event permitting race day entries, but especially being timed as chip-chip, it is reasonable to have a cut off time so that LuSH can make their way to the start line. If all race entries cannot be keyed in during the event, this will mean a delay to prize presentation and any kiosk generated race labels (see below) showing age category positions must be treated as provisional. Further, race entry transfers may wish to be considered. If so, and/or if race day entries are permitted then race registration will need to add and amend entries using ART : a volunteer may be needed to help with this.
In the future, it is our intention – at race registration – for LuSH to provide a ‘tag check’ station. This is a facility whereby runners can check they have the correct Bib No and their registration details have been correctly entered into the race computer.
An LED clock will be positioned at the finish to give runners as well as supporters an involvement in the race promotion.
LuSH will attempt to photograph runners as they cross the finish line. It will be our aim to publish these photographs. A video recording of the finish will also be taken for archival and backup purposes. At the finish LuSH will endeavour to provide a manual backup of the race and another volunteer may be required for this. We usually make a separate video of the site for reference purposes so future visits are easier to arrange.
For years, before LuSH came about, we were one of the few manual race result processors helping out at races in Gloucestershire and we prided ourselves in producing result printouts at the race. With LuSH that will continue. We shall also provide ‘kiosks’ at the race where runners can help themselves to individual time printouts : these look very much like sales receipts, but can be stuck into one’s race results handbook. Following the event, the race results will be posted online and accessed via a link from LuSH or the RDs own website.
A recent service is providing results ‘live’ to an internet website – the RD will be given the address when available.
Once contact has been made, the RD will need to provide LuSH with race information such as race name(s) and distance(s), location, age categories, race awards, expected race entries, date of event and start time(s), start / finish proximity, registration opening time, availability of HQ / community centre and whether mains electrical points exist. Please see example race information document
Finally, we usually do not ask for a deposit. We go a long way to make the transition from contract to race completion as smooth as possible. After all, we would like to be involved in your future race promotions.

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